Dana Plastic Container Corp. was formed in 1990 from the seven year old blow molding operations of Dana Molded products. DPC is a technically orientated blow molding company, primarily serving the food packaging, automotive, household chemical, medical diagnostic, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our people are dedicated to finding answers to your questions, solutions to your problems, and to supplying the best quality, service, delivery, and competitive price possible

Since 1983, high quality standards, regular engineering design/part review, and our commitment to customers around the world has secured our growth and success as a leader in this challenging industry.

Over the years, we have worked with that philosophy in our efforts to meet out customers' needs. However, today with our customers' renewed emphesis on quality, we feel that we must rededicate ourselves to not only supplying the customer with the quality he wants but endeavoring to exceed his expectations. We believe that efforts required to meet these goals are best supported with:
1. Quality planning that begins by working sith the customer in the design stages of the project (Early Supplier Involvement or ESI).
2. Compressive process control.
3. Through training, instilling into our most valuable resource (our employees) the desire and ability to make quality parts.
The main theme of this training is that we cannot inspect quality into the parts. We must produce quality parts at the machines. And that the Quality Department is here to help the Production Department in this endeavor.

We consider ourselves to be part of our customers' operations. In that position, we strive to give our customer the highest quality parts possible. To let him rely on our integrity to do the best job possible and to give him the service he needs to be successful.

Remember, we cannot meet any of these goals without you, the customer, making us part of your team.


David Hidding